Our services

Periodic inspection

We come on site when your employees are not there, for example when you do a session or refresher courses. They no longer need to go to the garage to level, change light bulbs or for any other little hassle.


state and pressure


Inspection and replacement


Levels and back-up


Complete condition check and replacement of the windshield on site

Maintenance & expertise

Brake check, under the hood, service and expertise deadline

Vehicle cleanliness

Checking the cleanliness of the vehicle

Detailed report

PDF sent by email and deposited in the drive

Works control

Control of the work carried out by the partners

Other services

Whether it is for the purchase / sale of a vehicle, the consumption of your fuel or the organization, monitoring and control of services, Carfleet supports you in the management of your fleet at 360 °.

Comparison of the purchase and sale of a vehicle

Do you need a new vehicle? We define your needs together. You then receive a comparison of several vehicles corresponding to you. We also help you sell the vehicles you want to separate from.

Fuel consumption comparison

The kilometers are mentioned during each visit to the pump and allow us to determine the consumption of each vehicle. We then suggest ways to reduce your consumption … as well as your fuel bills!

Organization, monitoring and control of services

We organize the necessary interventions to keep your vehicles in good condition and your employees to drive safely. We manage the interventions of our partners and control the related invoices. This way we make sure that you only pay what you owe.

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