Time saving

Reduced breakdowns, simplified claims handling, fewer trips to the garage for you and your employees.

Increased security

Thanks to periodic checks and perpetual monitoring of your fleet, your vehicles remain in good condition. You thus avoid breakdowns which could prove to be dangerous.

HR decreased

Thanks to the complete management of the fleet, both technical and administrative, your staff saves precious time.

Enhanced corporate image

A company vehicle is also a strong mobile advertising medium. Your fleet conveys the image of your company and making a good first impression is essential.

Saving money and risks

The purchase of vehicles and the correct follow-up of them are the first steps towards big savings and a reduction of both economic and technical risks.

One contact

You only interact with one correspondent. Carfleet takes care of the rest.

One billing

You only receive one invoice for all costs related to your vehicle fleet. This saves you a lot of time.

Energy targeted on your business

Focus your energy on the main tasks of your business.

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