Transparency of services

Complete professional management of the vehicle fleet is a major asset in developing a company. Our company collects a maximum of information concerning the history of vehicles, consumption, the number of kilometers traveled, the purchase price, current financing, the cost of insurance, in order to establish budgets per vehicle.

Park management

  • Vehicle history
  • Consumption
  • Number of kilometers traveled
  • Vehicle purchase price
  • Funding in progress
  • Insurance costs
  • Setting up a budget

Vehicle cost per kilometer analysis

During each intervention (going to the pump, repair, check up, etc.), the vehicle’s kilometers are recorded. This allows us to calculate the cost of your vehicles per kilometer. We then perform an analysis to reduce this cost per kilometer as much as possible.

Save time for your employees

  • Profitability of personnel, fewer breakdowns and fewer visits to the garage

Physical vehicle tracking
on the site

  • Prevention of additional costs due to premature wear due to negligence

we make the difference

  • On-site checks
  • 360 ° administrative cost management over the life of the vehicle
  • Assistance from 0 to over 10 years of vehicle age
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